Debt & Equity Capital Raising 

Beechwood assists its clients in assessing capital needs and then designing the most attractive and flexible financing structures. Successful financings often require a leader to coordinate and facilitate the process.

Complexities (and "stories") are inherent in all transactions and add to the financing equation where Beechwood excels as a quarterback bringing transactions over the goal line. 

BALANCE - Beechwood balances the company's objectives with both lender and investor return and structuring criteria to optimize the overall financing.

Beechwood can help your company secure capital for expansions, acquisitions, working capital and capital projects.

We go beyond the simple act of locating capital, since our process includes developing a sales memorandum that includes your company’s financials, business practices, customer base and other factors that help you attract capital.

Beechwood's years of experience can help get to the core of what lenders and investors value and require in often changing and volatile environments.

Sources of Capital

  • Traditional commercial bank financings
  • Asset-based loans and lease transactions
  • Subordinated/mezzanine financing
  • Debt Private Placements (institutional, family office)*
  • Equity Private Placements (institutional, private equity, VC, family office)*
  • Public Market Debt & Equity*

         * Securities offered through an affiliated registered broker-dealer

Offering Process

Once we have a clear understanding of the strategic objectives, financial position and operating parameters of our client, we will identify the appropriate capital sources, structure the transaction and manage the negotiation and closing process. 


Beechwood Capital