Beechwood believes that a successful transaction is often a function of detailed preparation which results in a clear and compelling story for investors or buyers. Such preparation can be as simple as recommending that reviewed or audited financial statements must be obtained and as complex as suggesting and implementing strategic and operational changes that help the seller to enhance sales and EBITDA prior to a sale.

Much of the expertise is employed in our turnaround advisory services, family transition and business growth strategies services.

Beechwood's partners have had extensive experience in strategy, finance and operations in Europe and can help global companies comply with complex regulations throughout the EU. Our partners have worked with numerous household name companies throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Beechwood Capital Advisors extends its team with professionals in every discipline needed to make your transactions smooth and cost effective. We have a national network of vetted Attorneys, Accountants, Commercial Bankers and Wealth Managers to broadly support our clients' requirements.

Technology Consulting & Advisory

Technical Assessment
& Strategy

Beechwood can help to enhance technical capabilities in order to increase a client’s attractiveness to both investors and acquirors. We provide assessment, planning and oversight for achieving strategic goals.

Technical Diligence

Technical diligence may include an evaluation of systems, security, data, and disaster recovery. We conduct technical audits and provide findings along with recommendations

Vendor Recommendations

Beechwood works with clients to establish requirements, evaluate providers, manage competitive bidding and conduct negotiations. We may also manage pilots, interview references and help with implementation  

Fractional CTO

Members of our team are available to provide technical oversight and management on a part time basis as needed. This provides you with first class expertise without the cost of unused hours.

Digital Transformation

Beechwood can help in the deployment of digital technologies to create new, or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. Areas of focus may include marketing, customer acquisition, operations and HR. 

Artificial Intelligence,
Data & Analytics

AI Strategy

AI is dramatically transforming every aspect of business. Beechwood helps companies think strategically about how to get started with AI, where to focus, and how to implement. Getting “directionally correct” with AI can help to avoid costly missteps while enhancing rapidity of deployment and overall success. 

AI Training & Education

Beechwood provides training for the C-Suite and down. Our practical workshops start with AI concepts followed by jointly developed use cases aimed specifically at the client’s business needs. Stack-ranking the use cases by ROI creates a valuable roadmap. 

90 Day “Proof of Value” Prototypes

We work with you to validate the value of given use cases through rapid prototyping. This allows ideas to be proven out while creating the basis for larger implementations. They typically involve some form of predictive analytics, with a focus on sales, marketing or operations.

Data Strategy & Monetization

Simply having a lot of data is not enough – it must be the right data. Beechwood helps its clients develop a strategic plan for defining, capturing and harnessing the right data. Well curated data is a valuable asset. Optionally we can examine scenarios in which the client’s data can be monetized to create new revenue streams.


Beechwood has broad experience with AI platforms, algorithms, languages and implementations including predictive analytics and NLP. We can also assist with “build or buy” decisions. 

New Technology Initiatives: Products & Growth Companies

Planning & Strategy for New Products and Growth Companies

Beechwood can help with all aspects of planning, market assessment, product creation, funding and oversight. We incorporate a number of proven methodologies including those used by venture capitalists.

Understanding Markets and Competition

We research trends, our client’s strengths & weaknesses against competitors, and optimal positioning. We find this essential for strategy, product design, and operational planning. 

Product Creation and Enhancement

Beechwood can provide Innovation sessions, rapid market testing, lean processes, MVP, “need to have” value propositions, messaging and product launch. Any number of new technical advances may be applied to existing products such as AI and analytics.   

SaaS (Software As A Service) Transformations

Transforming one-time project revenue to recurring revenue creates a much more attractive and valuable business model. We assist in establishing SaaS metrics, metric-driven models and implementing new operational processes.  

Financial Planning & Business Modeling

Financial, operational, and pipeline modeling. Interactive, KPI, milestone models.  

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