We bring an optimal combination of skill sets to all our engagements. Our 3 principals have collective experience comprising approximately 100 years across multiple industries and operating-platforms.

Understanding a client’s core businesses and a determination of going-concern value is central to our overall approach. 

An analysis of the issues unique to each company and the modus operandi of its business characteristics in the context of its industry and beyond are always incorporated. 

Preparation of detailed marketing materials to position the company as appropriate and presenting the company in a manner that maximizes the company’s value propositions in the market enhances success. 


At a Glance

Our goal is to integrate operating, investment, regulatory and transaction experience to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. We will work with our clients in developing solutions to financial issues, identifying strategic objectives and collaboratively working to implement solutions 

Commercial Banking & Investment Banking Experience
Compliance & Regulatory Experience
Operations & Management Experience
Business Owners - media, financial, e-commerce, other
Institutional Relationships
Marketing & Business Positioning
Advisory, Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Consulting Experience

Seasoned execs in financial services and investment banking with significant experience in structuring, financing, negotiating & closing complex transactions across multiple industries. 

We commit 100% of our time to advising middle market companies and their owners. We have a deep understand regarding your options available to maximize your return.  

A senior professional leads and executes every engagement from start to finish so you always receive the appropriate attention from an industry expert in a timely manner. 

Unlike most competitors, we do not manage an investment fund or engage in proprietary trading that may generate conflicts. We offer totally independent and objective advice. 

We conduct all securities realted transaction through a registered broker dealer affilaite which is subject to regulation by FINRA and the SIPC. Beechwood's Partners are all registered with this broker-dealer. 

Unlike any competitor we are aware of, an experienced “leadership counselor” is a member of our “deal” team and available to management as part of all our engagements. Planning for growth involves more than just financing and structure. More often than not, companies are not prepared for the “human” aspect of growth and what needs to be addressed as part of the overall process. We uniquely address this intangible part of the transaction process to not only ensure a successful transaction outcome, but to help ensure that the client succeeds both financially and managerially post transaction. 

Beechwood Capital