Valuation Services 

Beechwood performs transaction and enterprise valuations for clients both as an adjunct to other investment banking engagements and also as standalone assignments. 


Valuation Options

Valuations – Consider Your Alternatives!

Companies are often faced with the need for a valuation or appraisal of some type.

Your situation will dictate the type of valuation/appraisal you might need and, correspondingly, its related cost. By not understanding your needs and options, you may pay for what you really don’t need!

Beechwood specializes in what we call “soft appraisals” or “soft valuations”.

You might be faced with a situation where you need a quick valuation to engage in negotiations of some type with a shareholder, partner, lender or a new equity partner.

These situations typically call for speed and a tight valuation range based upon a lot of assumptions and “what ifs”.

We bring our extensive valuation experience to the table and provide you with the valuation tools necessary to address your specific need in a timely fashion and, more importantly, at a cost that is significantly less than a typical full-blown appraisal.

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